In my leadership roles over the past 30 years, I have successfully worked as a change agent / catalyst helping companies to successfully integrate lean principles throughout their organization. As a Lean Practitioner by experience, I have learned to recognize that flawless execution of the most fundamental processes must be a standard practice to assure a solid foundation exists on which to build a truly lean culture. Although many tools are available and must be clearly understood, progressive integration is the key to a successful implementation strategy. All too often, changes in an organization are labeled as the "program" of the day or "flavour of the month". The only way to change today is to "walk" the program through it's paces and learn from the failures and build on a foundation of incremental successes. Our experience in this area has demonstrated that success can be achieved even in the most dire and challenging circumstances. The culture of any organization is a direct reflection of the leadership. Work to understand and know your people and processes to assure that Lean thinking becomes a very real characteristic of your organizations culture. We look forward to serving the manufacturing community by providing real solutions in real time as you work to implement lean practices and principles in your organization. Please feel free to forward any questions or comments to or

TCL/Tk and SQLite

SQLite is the ideal database engine for TCL/TK by design. SQLite includes TCL bindings.

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