SQL Books

Our SQL Books page provides a comprehensive list of books that are sure to your knowledge of SQL the next level.

Book Formats

Books are available in both paper copy and eBook (digital) formats.  Although there are times when I prefer to have a paper copy at my disposal, I highly recommend ebooks for a number of reasons:

  1. Shop online to purchase and immediately download your copy over the internet
  2. Digital copies are typically cheaper than paper copies
  3. Digital copies may offer interactive content that is simply not available in paper copy form
  4. Digital copies can be downloaded to multiple devices
  5. Reading progress is synchronized between devices assuming internet services are available while reading.
  6. Ebooks are environmentally friendly.
  7. Store multiple eBooks on a single device saving valuable shelf space.
  8. Portability,  a single device is less cumbersome to carry than several paper copy books
  9. Digital products are immediately available from a variety of sources including Amazon, Packt, Kobo, and Apple iBooks
  10. Cross-Platform compatible readers such as Kindle make it easy to read your book from virtually any device.
  11. Online programs such as Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited provide free access to books with certain restrictions.
  12. As Mapt-Pro subscriber, you can download a free ebook everyday.  Visit for more details on this extremely cost effective program.

While it could be argued that paper copy books don’t need batteries, the list above makes for a compelling case to consider the digital option.