Training / Learning

Learning a programming language is always easier with the right resources and there are many to choose from including books, tutorials, videos, webinars and more.  The greater challenge is finding the resources that will provide you with the most effective and efficient learning experience.

The value of a resource is defined by the presentation of relevant content in a clear and concise manner, not the number of pages it contains or the number of hours required to complete it.

“Be careful who teaches you!” ~ Redge

You may want to reconsider your options when learning from someone whose skill level is qualified by “I know enough to be dangerous.”

Packt/Mapt is one of the resources we continually refer to as our online library providing access to thousands of book titles and training videos.  The Amazon Kindle app serves as our digital book library.  Our shelves are equally complemented by many “hard copy” books that serve as our offline resource library.


Expert Programming in C# and .NET (Reynald Adolphe – Video – Packt/Mapt),

Mastering Go Programming (Mina Andrawos – Video – Pakt/Mapt).: and