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Effective Tcl-Tk ProgrammingTCL or Tool Command Language is both an embeddable and extensible language that is used by many of today’s high-end applications. SQLite was originally designed as a TCL extension and is easily integrated into TCL applications.  TCL’s interpreter is a library of C functions.

Our library of Tcl/Tk books covers a broad range of topics and levels of proficiency with the language. This page will be amended with a listing of our electronic / digital books in the very near future.

The following comprises our current Paperback library of Tcl/Tk books and are subject to reviews and practical applications for Tcl/Tk.

The TCL Programming Language – A Comprehensive Guide
Ashok P. Nadkarni
882 Pages
ISBN: 978-1548679644
Printed: 2017

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk – Fourth Edition
Brent B. Welch, Ken Jones, with Jeffrey Hobbs
Prentice Hall PTR – Pearson Education Inc.
882 Pages
ISBN: 0-13-038560-3
11th Printing September 2010

Effective Tcl/Tk Programming – Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk
Mark Harrison and Michael McLennan
Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series – Pearson Education
405 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0201634747
ISBN 0-201-63474-0
Cover Price: $49.99 US / $69.99 CANADA

Digital / eBooks

Tcl/Tk 8.5 Programming Cookbook
Over 100 great recipes to effectively learn Tcl/Tk 8.5
Bert Wheeler
Pack Publishing Ltd – Open Source (2011)
ISBN:  978-1-849512-98-5

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit – 2nd Edition
John K. Ousterhout and Ken Jones
Addison-Wesley – Pearson Education
ISBN: 978-0-321-33633-0
Notes: Recommended for anyone new to Tcl/Tk


  • Part I:  Tcl
  • Part II:  Tk
  • Part III:  C functions in the Tcl Library

Tcl/Tk: A Developer’s Guide
The Morgan Kaufman Series in Software Engineering and Programming
Cliff Flynt

Exploring Expect: A Tcl-based Toolkit for Automating Interactive Programs
Nutshell Handbooks
Don Libes

Tcl 8.5 Network Programming (Community Experience Distilled)
Wojciech Kocjan and Piotr Beltowski
590 Pages

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