SQL Websites

Numerous books and websites claim to teach all you need to know about SQL or Structured Query Language.  However, as we quickly discovered, not all are created equal.  The following websites of choice have provided relevant information and reliable content to help us learn and develop our SQL queries and much more.

  1. SteveStedman.com:  This site offers excellent instruction and is highly recommended if you are looking practical applications of SQL including topics that are not typical of most books on SQL.  Steve Stedman also has a number of videos on youtube such as Common Table Expressions or CTEs that are definitely worth watching.
  2. SQLShack:  Very well written articles on a wide variety of topics.  Excellent resource and highly recommended.
  3. SQLAuthority.com:  Easy to follow examples with minimal explanations.
  4. StackOverflow: Many of your Google search queries will eventually expose many of the questions asked and answered on StackOverflow. The site features a Search Q&A box that can be used to search for relevant content.