Misery Loves Company

The greatest fears of some are often revealed in their reactions to, and critique of, others. When they attempt to diminish and trivialize your skills and abilities or those of your colleagues, consider that they may possess none of them. ~ Redge S.

People choose to either react or respond to events over the course of a given day. Some choose to get angry and walk away while others engage and resume activities as usual. How we choose to deal with these events is a reflection of our competency and professionalism where we risk the perception of having neither.

People work with people. When someone leaves a company, their primary reason for doing so is not always a better position or more money. They quit working for the management.

A toxic and dysfunctional culture is a breeding ground for department silos, isolation, protectionism, disagreements, and “events” that can take their toll on anyone. In this context, aside from monetary compensation, benefits, and perks, today’s currency is equally measured by mutual trust and respect.

People don’t quit working for companies, they quit working for management.

So how does this tie into the quote at the top of this post? Some executives, managers, and supervisors alike tend to work with the assumption that they are – or need to be – the smartest person in the room. Anyone who poses a threat to their skills, ability and / or level of competence is a threat to their position and the relationship quickly becomes frustrated.

Working under the pretense of synergy and a high-performance team, there are few opportunities that better demonstrate the need for the art of diplomacy and having your EQ intact. I prefer to work with companies where people take precedence over profits. If the proof of wisdom is in the results, then hire and retain the best people to deliver them.

They say, “Misery loves company.” It seems that some “Companies love misery” and they have the bottom lines to show for it.

Until Next Time – STAY lean!


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