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Some things worth having are worth waiting for.


If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you may want to wait before downloading iOS 11.  Despite its many new features as reported by CNET’s “12 top iOS 11 features on iPhone and iPad” and The Verge’s “iOS11 Preview: Keep It Simple Smarty“, users are already voicing their concerns regarding Apple’s latest iOS release.  Reduced battery life, random crashes, and the inability to revert back to the previous version of iOS are just a few of them.

Battery life alone is reported to be half of that available in the previous iOS version.  The reasons for this vary but one of them regards backgrounds tasks running to adapt apps and related data files to run under the new iOS itself.  The advice heard today is this:  “Wait a few weeks until the ‘bugs’ get ironed out before attempting to upgrade.”

As with every iOS release, a steady stream of app upgrades are sure to follow.  This may be a good time to review which apps are actually being used on your various devices.

JRE9 - Custom SetupIn contrast to what may appear to be a “Released Before Ready” iOS, Oracle has finally released Java SDK 9 – Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 arrive, 364 days later than first planned as reported by “The Register”.  Java has been around for a long time, some would even say too long, yet the latest release includes 91 new features.

To see what’s new in JDK 9, visit “Java Platform, Standard Edition What’s New in Oracle JDK 9” (docs.oracle.com). There are few code bases that are as fully developed and mature as Java and this reason alone may be why Java will be around for many more years to come.  Visit the Java SE Downloads page to get the latest Java Platform (JDK) 9.

I don’t envy anyone having to consider whether an application is truly ready for release where doing so prematurely could affect over a billion users and their devices.  For all that Apple’s iOS 11 or Oracle’s Java SDK 9 have to offer, neither have compelled me to perform an immediate upgrade to existing code that could introduce unwanted risks.

While Java’s year-long delay is considerably more than anyone could have imagined, Apple’s rush to release is less comforting as long as the bugs persist.  I contend that anything worth having is worth waiting for and that includes productivity improvements.

I look forward to using the new features and capabilities of iOS 11 – especially on my iPad Pro.  As for Java, I’ve learned to enjoy working with the language and I’m encouraged by the changes and improvements introduced in JDK 9.

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