HeidiSQL 9.4

I use Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio almost exclusively for developing queries and performing other database administration tasks.  However, I recently discovered an SQL Client application that can make some of the more common – and not so common – routines a little easier to perform.

Heidi Setup Wizard - FinishHeidiSQL 9.4 (20 Oct 2016) is one of the better tools that works well with MySQL, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and Postgre SQL.  The download is small (10,135 kb) and installation is quick.  To see the many features that HeidiSQL has to offer, visit the HeidiSQL website.

Although HeidiSQL is not a replacement for Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio, it does provide a high level of functionality that makes working with multiple databases not only possible but practical.  Having a common “interface” to work with MySQL, SQL Server / SQL Server Express, and Postgre is a lot easier than working solely with the tools offered by each application provider alone.

The HeidiSQL website is intuitive and very easy to navigate.  To see some of the more powerful features in action, visit the Screenshots page.  The Help page also provides more in-depth explanations and use cases of the features offered.

If you’re looking for a common client application tool to work with your relational databases then HeidiSQL is definitely worth a serious look.  HeidiSQL is available for download free of charge although a donation is highly encouraged.

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