SQL Server 2017 and Python

I’m excited about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2017 especially after reading “

Microsoft Data Amp heralds Python in SQL Server 2017, and lots more“.  This will also be the first release to support the relational database engine running on both Windows and Linux.  I look forward to testing this on my Mac!

What really piqued my interest was learning that SQL Server 2017 will now host code written in Python.  R was introduced in SQL Server 2016.  That Python was quick to follow is not a surprise from my perspective but exciting just the same.

If you’re wondering how to improve the performance of your SQL Queries, I highly recommend reading “SQL Performance Explained” by Markus Winand.  The insights introduced by this book have provided significant query performance gains.

Understanding query execution plans is the key to identifying where true performance improvements can be made through the effective use of indexes.  Markus presents in-depth discussions to expose opportunities for enhanced performance in a coherent and easy to understand style.

Discussions in this book pertain to MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and PostGre SQL. For more information, visit “Use The Index, Luke – A guide to database performance for developers”.  You’ll be glad you did.

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