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Many years ago I saw a plaque posted in the reception area of a small company that stated, “The proof of wisdom is in the results.”

Analytics is the process of transforming raw data into meaningful and actionable information.  Wisdom is using this information to successfully transform and execute actions into results.  Averlytics is derived from two terms that define our vision to

Provide meaningful and actionable analytics with integrity

1.  AVER is defined by Meriam-Webster as follows:

  1. a. to verify or prove to be true in pleading a cause
    • b.to allege or assert in pleading
  2. to declare positively

And from the “Did You Know?” …

Since AVER contains the “truth” root, it basically means “confirm as true”.

2.  ANALYTICS is defined by Meriam-Webster as follows:

:  the method of logical analysis

A more descriptive definition of ANALYTICS by Dictionary.com:

  1. (used with a singular verb) Logic, the science of logical analysis.
  2. (used with singular verb) the analysis of data, typically large sets of business data, by the use of mathematics, statistics, and computer software:  digital marketers with a strong knowledge of Web analytics; selecting the best analytics tools.
  3. (used with a plural verb) the patterns and other meaningful information gathered from the analysis of data:  an abundance of actionable analytics to help you deliver a better customer experience.


Averlytics  – analytics with integrity.

Established 2016-11-26

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